Launch a differentiated, in-play betting experience

Built on our GLI-certified platform, offer your customers the best micro-betting experience with a simple integration.

Offer customers a better sportsbook

2x higher
Bets per session than traditional sportsbooks
7.2 million
Markets priced per year
2x greater
User retention than competitors

Your sportsbook, your way

Our admin platform provides you the flexibility to manage your experience so you can offer fans something different every day.

  • Limit bet size
  • Manage delays
  • Organize league order and bet types
  • User insights
  • Update margins

Integrate [.clr-green]once[.clr-green], never stop improving

We take care of new market integrations and product enhancements


Integration made simple

Our customers rave about our ease of integration.


Hands-on support

We set you up with the tools to QA, choose which markets you integrate, and evaluate our product without writing any code.


Interactive Testing

We’ve invested heavily into your testing environment to give you access to live and historical games.

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