Become the leader of same-game parlays

Fast, automated live pricing that allows fans to parlay every at-bat, play or drive, anytime.

Same-game parlays make a big impact

Our advanced simulation based pricing gives you the flexibility to offer any new market or combo.

According to select state reports, parlay mix accounts for 25% of handle and 60% of revenue.

Pair our parlay technology with your own solution, pre match or in play.

Accelerate growth & revenue with unrivaled uptime

Fans want to bet during the game's biggest moments.

Unlock shorter timeframe parlays for innings, drives and quarters.

Give fans ultimate control to create unique bets and unlock a huge new revenue driver.

100+ million bets processed for the world's top sportsbooks

Unlock thousands of betting opportunities

We obsess over ease of integration


Dedicated technical support

Our engineering, product and modeling team are here to help every step of the way.


Robust testbed & replay system

Integration tools that make testing easy. Run historical replays from any game to test edge cases.


Integrate once, keep improving

Our team is constantly improving mechanics and adding new markets to make the best experience for fans.

NFL parlayable markets

Cores and Team Props

Moneyline, spread, totals

Total touchdowns

Total rush yards

Total alt lines

Player props

Total touchdowns

Total passing, rushing, receiving touchdowns

Total pass, receiving, rushing, scrimmage, yards

Total pass attempts, completions, rush attempts, receptions

Micros (available prematch and in-play)

First drive result exact and grouped

Player to score touchdown on first drive

Player to catch a pass on first drive

MLB parlayable markets

Cores and Team Props

Moneyline, run line, totals

Full game, first 5 innings, per inning

Total runs, hits, strikeouts and HRs

Team total runs, hits, strikeouts and HRs

Total alt lines

Player props

Anytime home run

Pitcher strikeouts with alt lines

Player totals (hits, HRs, singles, doubles, triples, RBIs, total bases, runs & more)

Pitcher totals (win, outs, hits, runs & more)

Micros (available prematch and in-play)

Plate appearance exact

Hit, out or walk?

Will batter reach base?

Pitch count markets

Half inning totals (HRs, runs, Ks, hits, pitches thrown, batters to the plate & more)

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