Unlock thousands of new live betting opportunities

Automated, profitable pricing on every play, powered by machine learning.

Markets powered by machine learning

7.2 million
Markets priced per year
<250 milliseconds
Average processing time
Hold percentage

Automated pricing and trading across seven different leagues

These are available pregame and throughout the duration of the match. We have tools which manage these markets, ensuring odds accuracy, superior uptime, and robust risk management.

  • Automated Creation
  • Repricing
  • Resulting

Never get lost in the process

Follow and manage your integration from start to finish

Integration and Odds Portal

Your best friend throughout the integration process, you will be able to test how our markets show up in your interface and better understand the underlying mechanics of our product.

All on your own terms!

Once you’ve launched, find all your bet data here. Quickly find any discrepancies your users may have and easily run market A/B tests.

Quick integration, [.clr-green]seamless[.clr-green] management

Our collaborative process lays the roadmap to your end product.


Integration plan

We’ll walk you through a plan to integrate our markets and other products to get you live by your desired date.


Hands-on setup

We set you up with the tools to QA, choose which markets you integrate, and evaluate our product without writing any code.


Interactive Testing

We’ve invested heavily into your testing environment to give you access to live and historical games.

This is your

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